I am Ninja and So Can You

Hey you sexy assassin,

My name is Jonathan, and I’m just a Ninja from Queens, New York. Ok, well not just a ninja – a Jedi-Fitness-Ninja – because I refuse to choose between martial arts and Star Wars. There based on the same understanding of reality, anyway.

And I’m not really from Queens, that’s just where my mother was when I passed through her gate of mystery and into this world.



Things just got real weird… and that’s a good thing?


So, I guess I don’t know exactly where I am from – yet. But I do know where I’ve been. I used to be a complete fuck up; drug addict, self-destructive, violent, angry at myself and at the world. But then I discovered something truly incredible, a real kind of magic beyond most people’s understanding – and I went from being an angry addict to a ninja super hero! It wasn’t easy. And I made tons of mistakes along the way.


 I was a good kid who hated authority... and loved baseball, snakes, and frogs!

I was a good kid who HATED authority… and loved baseball, snakes, and frogs!

Rock Bottom

It happened in high school – the dark side of the force emerged from somewhere deep inside me. Wild anger started pouring out of me – my shadow!  The darkness led me down the path of self-destruction; it was a powerful rite of passage that almost killed me more than once. Truth.

By junior year of high school I was smoking tons of pot to numb my anger. It mellowed me out and I was less violent, but at a steep cost. I was dealing and experimenting with all kinds of substances – my life was spinning out of control. Even though I was very fortunate and privileged with a middle class family who loved me, I just couldn’t seem to get back on track. I felt totally lost.


Jonathan- TrainDeep.com

Self-portrait ~ Spring Break 1999 ~ Cancun, Mexico. $3,000 of narcotics sold. Imagine my sweet ass in a Mexican prison. My guardian angels were working overtime.


Tapping the Source: Finding the Path Home

After years of suffering, one morning while staring in the mirror I finally had a moment of clarity, “I am responsible for my fucked up life. I am not a victim.  And if I am responsible then I can stop. And even though I don’t know exactly how, I’m committing myself to finding a way.” Many times before I had wished I could stop being “bad”, but that moment in the mirror was an awakening! Now every fiber and cell of my being vibrated with the clarity of my intention – to take responsibility!

This was my first awakening, I’d finally discerned the faintest outline of the path, the Tao, the way. My way.

I fell in love with a girl who was only into diesel dudes so I started working out like a maniac.  My experimentation with psychedelics had left me with lots of questions about the real nature of reality, as opposed to the accepted status quo. So I started meditating to look for real answers.  I started to snowboard and spend time in nature, which gave me a taste of how good life can be.

And I started working out like my life and the fate of the free world depended on it (because I was in love, you know. And 19. And obsessed with women.)

And through exercise, meditation, and nature connection I began to completely transform my relationship to reality! The changes were profound. I literally felt and acted like a different person; a better person, a happier person. My life was transformed from the inside out.

I became strong and healthy and felt compelled to share the power of exercise with anyone who would listen to me.  That’s why I became a trainer in the year 2000.

TrainDeep: Exercise Alchemy®

For the last 14 years I’ve worked as an Exercise Alchemist® guiding professional athletes, celebrities, and even kids into transforming their relationship to reality through exercise. I’ve traveled the world study with amazing teachers, and combined them into a holistic fitness system that inspires ninja greatness!

My ninja mission in life is to guide other people on this awesome adventure to awaken their inner super hero, develop their super powers, and then use the force (and their special gifts) to save the world!

I did it for myself first. Now its your turn.


  • Do you feel like exercise is painful, pointless, or boring?
  • Do you crave a deeper relationship to your body and food?
  • How do you honestly feel about developing real super powers?
  • Are you tired of getting sick all the time?
  • Wouldn’t it be fun to workout with a tribe of ninjas who play games to get in shape?

If so, you are in the right place!

TrainDeep is a holistic fitness system that will help you uncover, unlock, and harness your full potential. Exercise is a path to empowerment and self-mastery, six-pack abs are just one of many benefits.

This means you’ll be able to slay the dragon, rescue the princess, save the world, all while having more fun than you’ve ever had before. It’s all based on my direct experience; you can read my full origin story here. And maybe, just maybe, you’ll discover that you too can tap into that inner source and become the best version of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. You can become your very own super hero; more wild, powerful, beautiful, healthy, and happy than you even imagine is possible.

In other words, a Jedi Fitness Ninja.

Sound good? Awesome.

Sound great? Awesomer.

Sound weird? Excellent, that means you’re paying attention. Let the weirdness wash over you like warm gentle waves floating on the sea of eternity.

Merging fantasy with reality... ninja style!

Merging fantasy with reality… ninja style.


My American Ninja Warrior Audition Video

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you serious? That’s an OK question. Sure, I’m serious. I am also super-playful! The correct action always depends on the context. That’s ninja in a nutshell, the ability to spontaneously adapt with supreme skill and grace.

How can I become a Jedi Fitness Ninja?  That’s a better question. By reading and taking our Ninja Warrior Vows if you truly feel like you are ready for this great adventure. I’ll warn you that once you go down this path, there is no turning back.

But perhaps you’re not ready for this wild ride, that’s fine too.  The path of the Jedi Ninja is not an easy one to travel. It’s not for everyone. You will need to face your deepest fears and greatest enemies with love and compassion. Talk about courage, wow! And strength, real strength, both inner and outer strength, not just the exaggerated imbalanced “He-Man/Arnold Schwarzenegger” strength that western culture has fetish-ized and porn-ified.

Crazy, I know, but even an obsession with outer strength can become an obstacle to realizing real inner strength.  In fact, on the path of the ninja, you will not only have to reject other people’s definitions of strength and wellness, you will have to create your own! I know it sounds tough, but that’s why you need to be a warrior.

How can I become the best version of myself physically, mentally, and spiritually? I am so glad you asked…. And I have no idea! You think I know the answer to that? I definitely don’t! Only you can answer that question. The answer is already inside of you. All I can offer is a cool fun system for helping you explore yourself and recognizing the answer when it appears.

Why should I follow you? That’s the worst idea you’ve had all day.  You definitely shouldn’t follow me, I don’t even know you.  I have spent a ton of time getting to know myself though, and together perhaps we’ll discover that we have more in common than seems even possible.  But that’s totally up to you, hombre.

Who is TrainDeep and this Fitness Ninja Temple-of-a-website for? Good question! It’s for anyone who finds my information and perspective useful, insightful, or interesting. Or maybe you get just a little tingle in your body when you think about ninjas!  It’s for the open-minded, the openhearted, and anyone who understands or suspects that exercise doesn’t have to be constant painful suffering. Using exercise to deepen your relationship to your body and mind is, in fact, a path to empowerment and self-realization. The yogis, ninjas, and martial artists have known this for at least 10,000 years. Now it’s your turn.  Or not. In the West, we’re easily distracted by the superficial. Oh, shiny object! It’s time to re-define what exercise and training really means.

Who it’s not for?  Anyone too scared to change; who isn’t really ready to do the work and face their fears. You must have a burning desire to live freely! If you are afraid of a little discomfort, this system will not work for you because it’s entirely dependent on you taking actions, following through, and trying new things.  You don’t have to do a flying elbow smash through your comfort zone (although that would be totally rad), but you do need to dance on the edge a bit, and get comfortable with discomfort.

If you think that the only way to know something is through science and everything else is secondary, or if you feel like it’s what is on the outside that counts then this is definitely not for you.

The ninja archetype we are using is that of a peaceful warrior. If you’re still confused and think the real enemies are outside your body/mind, and that you can create anything but misery with violence, then your on the wrong fitness ninja website.

Why Ninjas? Seriously, just leave the site now if you’re gonna ask questions like that. Why the hell not? Ninjas represent supreme self-mastery and that’s exactly what TrainDeep is: a system for developing your full potential through training and a method for creating your very own super hero! #NinjaStyle

What are my qualifications?  You can see my list of certifications, experiences, and education below. Please read my disclaimer carefully, over and over, until you dream about it at night.

That being said, I’ve had more than my share of sacred battles on the warrior’s path to enlightenment. Perhaps you’ll see yourself reflected back to you in some of my personal sagas.

If there is anything that truly helps you on this Jedi Fitness Temple website, it is thanks to the living wisdom of my Grand Master, his graceful embodiment of limitlessness, and his generous, patient, supremely humbling influence in my life.  Anything that sucks you can attribute directly to me – or more likely you!

Who is my Grand Master?  That’s too precious to reveal so easily. But if you investigate my offerings with an open heart, you will surely find his influence throughout TrainDeep, and perhaps if you look closely enough and get lucky, you’ll find a secret passage that leads directly to his smile.

Certifications, Awards, Experiences, & Education


  • B.S. in Psychology from New York University

Completed Fitness Certifications:

Seminars and Workshops:

  • Black Belt Shotokan Karate – Sensei Howie Friedman
  • Taoist Dragon Gate School of Complete Reality: 22nd Generation Lineage Holder
  • 2011 Warriors Dash 38th place of 10,321 finishers
  • 2012 completed my first vision quest, a 4.5day fast alone in the high desert of New Mexico.
  • 2013 Empire State Building Run-up 14th place of 700+ competitors
  • 2013 Rated the 7th Hottest Trainer in America by Shape Magazine (They were measuring inner beauty, of course.)
  • 8 years of uninterrupted health. Not a single sick day!
  • Self-healed disc herniation in neck C5/C6
  • Self-healed drug addict
  • Health Expert for Greatist.com
  • Volunteer for Stoked, a non-profit that mentors inner city kids through surfing, skateboarding, and snowboarding
  • To date have raised over $10,000 for youth fitness charities