For Ninja Living in New York City

Are you ready to use your imagination and have fun while getting in the best shape of your life? Then you’re in the right place!  Ninja Fitness Camp will show you how to create you’re very own personal super hero, i.e. you’re inner ninja!

We’ll be playing fun physical games that engage all your senses, collaborating, and laughing a ton. It’s not just a great workout, its a fully engaged movement experience that will wake up your inner child 🙂Ninja Fitness Camp -

You’ll also get a cool ninja bandana, access to our online holistic fitness course “How to Use Exercise Alchemy to Become a Fitness Ninja”, and your very own “Book of Ninja”, your super hero bible and personal journal that you’ll use track your progress and explore you’re ninja super powers.

Space is limited to 8 ninjas per workout, so things can get intimate!




Ninja Fitness Camp:

Your giggle muscles will get shredded. Guaranteed.

 Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve got questions, we’ve got strange ninja metaphors. Let’s get weird.

What do Past Campers have to say?

“Fitness camp has a ridiculously high level of natural excitement… and a super high WTF is going on factor!”  JT

“I felt my inner child was reborn… this is the most engaged I’ve ever felt with my body and exercise”  RC

“The spirit of play is infectious,  after camp I was making people smile and laugh at work without even trying” MF

“My body feels stronger, my mind feels sharper, and my sleep improved. Plus I made some cool friends!”  KS

Ninja Fitness Camp is featured in the October 2014 issue of Men's Fitness on page 100!

Ninja Fitness Camp is featured in the October 2014 issue of Men’s Fitness on page 100!

Where exactly do we meet?

Outside, barefoot, on the grass in Chelsea NYC, at our Secret Ninja Meetup Spot. Please apply to the program to have the spot revealed.

What about bad weather? Do we still meet?

There is no such thing as bad weather, only unprepared humans wearing inappropriate clothing.  Rain or shine baby!

When exactly do we meet?

Tuesday’s and Thursday’s at 8:00am.  Come at least 10 minutes early the 1st class, to leave a little extra time to find us.  We meet for 3 weeks in a row for a total of 6 workouts (one of them is free).

What do I need to bring to Ninja Fitness Camp?

Nothing really!  Maybe a small towel and water.  Just wear your exercise clothes, you can bring a change of clothes for work if you need to.  You can even go barefoot on the grass, if you dare.

What are the Ninja Warrior Vows?

Just a simple set of guidelines we ask all campers to observe during Ninja Fitness Camp.

  • Be spontaneous and use your imagination. (Silliness encouraged!)
  • Be safe, everything is optional. (Honor your limitations & boundaries.)
  • Collaboration, not competition.

Is there a changing room?

Not really!  There is a public bathroom very close by at Chelsea Piers.

How many people are in the workout?

Maximum 8 people per workout!  This is semi-private coaching that harness the energy of the group for increased accountability and results. You may laugh so hard you wet your ninja panties.

How much does it cost?

Only $150! That’s $30/workout.  When it comes to the super hero creation business, that’s uber cheap.


Ninja Fitness Camp -

Huge smiles guaranteed.


Can I just try 1 workout for free?

Sure! Email me at and I’ll get you set up for a freebie. After that, it’s all in or no way.  Go big or go home, ain’t no half steppin’.  I ‘m baking a cake over here, please don’t rush the cook.

What is “TrainDeep Exercise Alchemy”?

“TrainDeep – Exercise Alchemy” is a system for harnessing the wisdom of the body to create your very own super hero – the best version of yourself physically, mentally, spiritually. Whenever we get stronger, and do something that used to be physically impossible, we have a direct experience of our own power which changes our mentality about our limitations. THAT is exercise alchemy.

Why Ninjas?

Really, that’s your question? That’s like asking “Why awesome?” or “Why chocolate cake?”

Fine, I’ll break it down further into iddy-biddy-pieces – the archetype of ninja represents supreme self-mastery through training. That’s exactly what TrainDeep is, my ninja, a visionary fitness system with a radically different perspective on exercise.

While most of the fitness industry blindly accepts the misguided norm that exercise must be severely painful, completely based on science, and focus on superficial aesthetics, we take the opposite perspective. Exercise can be immediately rewarding and fun, is enhanced by creativity, art, and the imagination, and is the best method for self-empowerment and supreme self-mastery. All other benefits, like athletics and aesthetics, are secondary at best.

What kind of workout is it?

The kind that ninja’s do when nobody is looking 🙂

Based on my 14 years experience as a personal trainer, we’ll be playing games, running around, and exploring movement and goal setting in a small, intimate environment.  We’ll be doing all kinds of body weight exercises, including calisthenics for conditioning, partner exercises, and yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation for a cool down.

Most importantly, it will be a fun workout. You’re giggle muscles will be shredded by the end of ninja fitness camp.

What kind of games do we play?

The awesome kind, of course!

Our special ninja games are way more collaborative than competitive, and often involve everyone working together as a group or with a partner.

For instance, Primal Tag is a game where everyone can only move by bear crawling, crab walking, rolling, and monkey galloping. We don’t play competitively at all, its more about exploring fun ways of moving and using our body and minds at the same time, while being super aware of what’s going on around us. This game often ends with everyone rolling around on the ground laughing uncontrollably.

Will it be a hard workout?

Yes and no and maybe so.  The goal of the camp is not to make you throw up, the goal is to have fun, get your heart rate up, and maybe learn some stuff and meet some cool people.  You can push as hard as you want to, there will be plenty of opportunities to test your conditioning, but you will be encouraged to honor your limitations and not take anything too seriously.

Fitness should be fun, communal, and meaningful above all else, not throw-up-tastic.

What kind of results will I get?

Your family will love you more, you’ll become a sex icon, and all of your bank accounts will instantly quadruple.  But seriously, you’ll get the kind of results that last a lifetime, if you pay attention and do the work.


Ninja FItness Camp:

It’s a fucking fun workout, alright. Get it? FUN.


What can should I expect to experience?

  • expect to be annoyed when your alarm goes off to get up for the workout.
  • then expect to be exhilarated and grateful you got up after the workout.
  • expect 20minutes worth of ninja homework between workouts
    expect to meet some cool people and to support each other as a team.
  • expect to have fun and try a bunch of physical games.
  • expect to get a little dirty. expect to be surprise when you enjoy the feeling.
    expect to leave camp with a new relationship to exercise and your body.
  • expect the unexpected. Ninja boobies. Huzzah!

What should I wear?

You’re Sunday Best! As long as you normally go to Ninja Church on Sundays.  Seriously, just wear workout clothes, but maybe not you’re favorite brand new LuLulemon outfit, as us ninjas keep it gritty and get dirty!

And of course, wear your Ninja Bandana!


Ninja Demon Magic -


What if I have an injury? What if I am out of shape?

All fitness levels are welcome!  We are all wounded in one way or another.  Most of the time, you can work around your injury safely if you are humble and present. You will be encouraged to honor your own boundaries.  Please email me at if you have a major injury.

The Guarantee!

I guarantee after the 6 workouts, you will become a fitness ninja with the powers of levitation, or at least you will have transformed your relationship to your body and exercise.  If I fail, I will run up 6th ave buck naked as fast as I can singing “I believe I can Fly” by R. Kelly.

Is there a safe place to put my personal items?

Right under that bush? Not really, please don’t bring valuables you don’t need.

Where does  my money go?

Straight into the “Holy-Crap-Now-I-got-a-wife-who’s-pregnant!” fund.  That, or I’ll invest in a fallout shelter.  Haven’t decided yet.

What is a Fitness Ninja?

Ninja Super Hero-


Your very own personal super hero-the best version of yourself physically, mentally, & spiritually. Live your legend and save the world!


Peaceful Warrior-

Peaceful Warrior– one who protects and fights for what they love and hold sacred. A freedom fighter who recognizes that life’s ultimate opponents come from with-in ourselves.

Jack of All Trades-



Highly Skilled Jack of All Trades-  one who trains to become highly resourceful, radically self-reliant, and combines all useful knowledge to achieve their goals.

Ninja Sage-



Sage– someone who has embodied profound wisdom and can persevere in any situation and use adversity as a catalyst for greatness. One who lives their dream.


Cosmic Force-


Creator & Cosmic Force- Your inner power, the creative force that flows through you, allowing you to create what matters most to you in your life.


How Do I Sign up for Ninja Fitness Camp?

Fill out our Ninja Agreement, we’ll notify you when enrollment opens. First come, first served! We hope to see you at Ninja Fitness Camp soon 🙂