“Wind Healing Walk” Qigong

Learn Master Gou Lin’s anti-cancer “wind healing walk” which has been used in China to treat and even cure many forms of cancer.

The walk is practice by millions in China, is very gentle, and easy to learn. I was taught it by my Sifu, Master Sat Hon, who used it to help cure his stage 4 Lymphoma.

Location: Private Healing Studio in Chelsea (21st & 8th ave)
Max # of Students: 3

Excerpt from Sifu’s Blog about Anti-Cancer Qigong

Complementary Cancer Therapy is a form of movement therapy that complements the standard medical cancer treatments. Its particular strengthening walk is specifically designed for the shrinkage and destruction of carcinomas in conjunction with regular ontological medical treatments.

In the four decades since its introduction in China,over 10 million people have practiced this form of Qigong and in several clinical trials, they shown statistical significance in both extending the cancer patients life and in a small percentage complete remission and cured.

How does the Qigong work? By opening the heart, mind, body, and spirit and letting every cell bathe in the Qi (vitality/energy). The pathological causes of cancer are myriad in what an integrative Oncologist called toxic payload. Thus, cancer does not arise out of one cause except in extreme case such as lethal exposure to radiation.

Words of Caution: Always consult with your physician before trying any new form of exercise or therapy.

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