Every ninja is born with a sacred mission to complete in this life. Here’s mine.

Ninja Mission:

  • to show you how to use movement to create your own personal super hero – your “inner ninja”: the best version of yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually.
  • to make radical self-transformation through exercise fun, cool, & accessible.
  • to spark a “ninja wellness revolution” that saves western civilization from self-destruction. Srsly.


Ninja Services: Online

Ninja AcademyNinja Academy- an online step-by-step multimedia course that any ninja-in-training can use to develop their super powers.  It consists of 5 modules, 33 secret ninja missions,  and can be completed at your own pace. Enrollment opens 4x/year for the first twelve students that sign up.


Ninja MastermindNinja Mastermind- Together, we are unstoppable.  This is an 8 week Lifestyle Transformation Collaboration, which means we’ll work together as a team of ninjas to help you develop your inner super hero. You’ll get semi-private coaching through weekly online ninja meetings.
And you’ll be given specific ninja missions to complete based on your specific goals and challenges.  A Ninja Initiation is required to apply, and enrollment opens 4x/year for the 1st twelve ninjas that sign up.


Ninja Services: In New York City


TrainDeep.com NYC Personal Training

1-on-1 Ninja Personal Training: You want to fully transform your relationship to your body, mind, and life, demand the best, and are happy to pay a premium for it! If that’s you, then look no further – Ninja Master Jonathan will personally show you how to use exercise to fully realize all of your potential. Together, we’ll co-create a unique holistic fitness program that allows you to accomplish your specific fitness and wellness goals with mind-blowing results rippling through ever aspect of your life: family, sex, career, relationships – the complete package.




TrainDeep Meetup Group: live near New York City? Join our meetup group, it’s like getting access to a secret ninja playground! Meetups are usually free and on the weekends, and you’ll get to train directly with me, Nin-Jedi Master Jonathan. Together, we’ll create workout experiences that are based on the 3 principles, 9 sub principles, and 5 Fitness Elements of TrainDeep. Some of the most popular workouts include Ninja Warrior Qigong, Ninja Regeneration, Ninja Yoga, and Primal Ninja Workout.


Ninja Fitness CampNinja Fitness Camp: NFC is a 3 week semi-private ninja fitness program. I lead a team of 8 ninjas who meet 2x/week to train together, play fun physical games that engage all the senses, and develop their super powers. The group workouts are complimented by an online Ninja Fitness Course, which guides you through lifestyle lessons and secret ninja missions to be completed in the real world. There are 5 phases, each is 3 weeks long: Earth, Fire, Water, Metal, and Wood. Ninjas that complete all 5 phases will become initiated at a private ninja celebration!

Ninja PresentationsNinja Presentations: Ready to host a fun presentation at your business, conference, or summit? One that actually makes your attendees want to karate chop their chair in half? Or maybe you work at a progressive company that wants to make health, collaboration, and engagement a normal part of the culture? Look no further, click the picture to learn more and apply.



Deep Retreat – Wilderness Adventures: In life, there are no short cuts, but there are catalysts that rapidly accelerate our personal growth. Not your typical retreat, our adventures are rites of passage that involve ritual, story-telling, sweat lodges, camping, open fire cooking, canoeing, healing circles, improv games, and radical honesty.



I also teach a variety of Ninja Group Fitness classes in NYC – dynamic, fully engaging, unique, and authentic movement experiences for your gym, company or friends (or even bachelor party!)

Super Epic Ninja Shit



TrainDeep FoundationTrainDeep Foundation®- TDF is a “for-profit-for-purpose” company that functions like a non-profit, with the mission of empowering under-served youth through conscious movement, adventure, and wilderness rites of passage. We are like a non-profit because we only exist to serve and benefit others, but we are for-profit because we invest all profits back into the foundation, so we may serve others while being self-reliant and resilient.



Exercise Alchemist Certification


Exercise Alchemist™ Certification- Been on the path of ninja for awhile, and feel called to be a leader in the ninja wellness revolution? This certification is for any personal trainers, coach, or ninja who would like to become a certified teacher and learn the art and science behind TrainDeep.




Ninja Temple of Movement

Imagine a school where movement was at the foundation of the curriculum!

Ninja Revolution



Ninja Temple of Movement- we are designing a new kind of school that acknowledges the fact that movement, awareness, creativity, and holistic health are the foundation of happiness! Kids learn real, invaluable life skills through movement and by embracing obstacles. Won’t you join our radical crusade?