Ninja tribe-

Imagine taking all the awesome stuff in the world –  the best food, the coolest music, the smartest people, the hottest Brazilians – and blending them all together into a super smoothie.

That’s exactly how I came up with these 3 core principles.

Ok, not really, but kinda.  These principles represent all the lessons I’ve learned so far in life – smashed up, mixed together, purified, smoothed out, and distilled down to their essence. Take them, break them, make them your own, and use them to awaken your inner ninja.

Make Believe

Honestly, I’m just making this stuff up, but don’t let that fact confuse you. I may be “pulling this out of my ass” but when it entered my mouth it was fresh, local, fair trade sourced organic food, delivered directly from the sustainable farms of exercise science and eastern spiritual practice.

Now its good fertilizer for anyone who isn’t afraid of poop. And ninja’s aren’t afraid of anything.

In other (less disgusting) words, I spent the last 15 years (and a small fortune) learning from some of the best strength coaches, exercise scientists, martial artist, spiritual masters, holistic teachers, healers, and yoga gurus on the planet.  I’ve taken their wisdom, broken it down, and made it my own by ruthlessly applying it to my life and my students.

Now it’s your turn. Take them. Break them. Make them your own.  You’re bound to make mistakes, but you can at least make different ones than me.

Do I Really Need Principles to Work Out?

Nope. You actually don’t need principles to workout, just a body and some determination. But be honest with yourself.  Is that all you want? To work out?

Perhaps you’re actually looking for something more? Something deeper?  And maybe exercise is the means to get you what you actually want? Yes, exercise can and should be immediately rewarding and done for its own sake, but why limit it to just that when it can also empower us!

That is, empower us to achieve, you know, the good stuff in life, like: happiness, sex appeal, strength, confidence, feeling good in your own skin, living pain free, freedom from disease, the ability to overcome any obstacle, and a process to continually upgrade you life and achieve your full potential.

Because if your honest with yourself, maybe you’ll find that this is about more than just “getting in good shape”, whatever the fuck that means.

If that’s the case, then you’ll benefit greatly by having some guiding principles to provide some structure and meaning to your efforts.

Why Ninja Principles?

Because I said so. Ok, I just lied.

Never do something just because someone tells you too, especially if they have a sexy ass website like this one. That would make you a human robot, which is the opposite of being ninja.

So don’t trust me, but consider one of the wisest writers in American history.

“As to methods there may be a million and then some, but principles are few. The [ninja] who grasps principles can successfully select their own methods. The [ninja] who tries methods, ignoring principles, is sure to have trouble.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

There you have it; Emerson was a stealth ass ninja master.

Yes, there is more to TrainDeep than these three principles, but the principles form the foundation for everything else that’s coming: ninja workouts and programs, exercises to develop your ninja super powers, secret meditation techniques, random life wisdom via abstract metaphors, ninja porn, etc etc.

Without ninja principles, we risk letting ourselves be run around by the latest exercise fads, truthy marketing campaigns, and reductionist science experiments. And ninjas don’t let themselves get run around like that, yo.

Each of the 3 Core Principles has 3 sub-principles, and each sub-principle comes with one of those cute little umbrellas like when you order a fruity drink in the Caribbean.


Principle #1: Primal NaturePrimal Nature -

Humanity and nature are a unified singular whole. Disconnecting from nature is impossible and only leads to incredible amounts of preventable suffering, disease, and injustice.

Simple right? Too bad we’ve built an entire “civilization” based on trying to dominate, subvert, and control nature. I’m not saying we should all burn our possession, get naked, and live in the mountains (although let’s be honest, that would be RAD). I am saying that it’s time to start organizing society so that is in alignment with our fundamental humanity. And there’s no better place to start than with you, your life, and your body.


Play -


Fun,  imagination, and creativity spark real learning and growth. Play is fundamental to being a balanced, healthy, and thriving human, regardless of age.

Ninja Tribe-



Belonging to and serving a community that you believe in is the highest honor life has to offer, the greatest satisfaction, and a path to real immortality.


Warrior Spirit-

Warrior’s Spirit

It takes courage to grow up and become the person you were born to be. Inner demons are life’s greatest opponents.  They cannot be destroyed through condemnation, only transformed through compassion.




 Principle # 2: TransformationNinja Transformation -

The source of all power lies deep within.  Use it to turn suffering into purpose and direct the only constant in life: change.

Again, so simple. Focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do, and never give your power away – not to me, the president, that famous athlete, that self-obsessed celebrity, that bully from childhood, not even that mean librarian… no one! Could it be that life’s greatest challenges are just opportunities to become stronger?

bodymind - TrainDeep.comBodymind

The body and mind are 2 sides of the same coin. Shape it into a powerful force of nature.


awareness - TrainDeep.comAwareness

Energy follows focus; what you think, do, and believe becomes your reality. Develop all your powers of perception to a high level.


Direct Experience - TrainDeep.comDirect Experience

No idea, concept, method,  nor technology is a substitute for personal experience and human development.  Science is the servant, not the master.




Principle #3: Ultimate TruthUltimate Truth -

How you live is your message to the world. Owning your personal mythology and leading by example is the greatest adventure life has to offer.

Less simple? Me thinks not. Pretty simple, and easy to take for granted, just like gravity. What does this really mean? Basically, that you are responsible for your life and your creative power.


nourishment -


Your relationship to food and media is vital. You are what you absorb; consume things that nourish you and support your greatness.

Ninja Stillness-



Rest, relaxation, and meditation are the foundation of all progress. Slow down and recover completely to progress faster.


Ninja Movement -


Embodying your full potential, self-mastery, joy, and vitality are the primary goals of exercise.  Fitness and athletic abilities are secondary.  Aesthetics are tertiary.




WTF Am I Supposed to Do With The Principles?

Oh, that’s the simple part. First, you play with them, then you realize them in your life, and then…

“After having attained the principles, you leave them.” Miyamoto Musashi

There will be plenty of time to explore these more, just laying out the foundation, one brick at a time. Be on the look out for future blog posts, where will dive more deeply into each principle and the sub-principles too.

Do you have an core principles that guide your life or work? Any questions? I’d love to hear them in the comments!

As always, TrainDeep.


~ Jonathan ~


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