Ok ninjas, this is a tool you can revist at the end of the course to see how you are feeling and compare results. But for now, just dive in and answer all the questions quickly and honestly, no over thinking please šŸ™‚

Taking the Pulse - Lifestyle Assessment

Use this form to get a sense of how healthy and empowered your daily existence is nowadays.
  • Rate yourself. How have you been feeling the last month? Last few days? How about right now? Feeling awesome means you feel pain free, energetic, strong, and have a clear mind.
  • Is it low energy? Lack of focus and mental clarity? Joint pain? Stressful relatioships? Be specific please!
  • Whatever "eat healthy" means to you!
  • How old were you? How did it feel? What was your motivation?
  • Practicing movement means that you do some form of conscious movement - you pay attention to the inner sensations while moving. Working out hard is just one of many possibilities when it comes to practicing movement. The human body is not designed to workout hard every day, but it is designed to move every day!
  • How would you rate yourself physically? Have you achieved 60% of your physical potential? 90%? What would it feel like to achieve your full potential?
Mission #6- Taking the Pulse of Your Lifestyle’s Health