Rocket Fuel for Awesomeness

The ninja’s of legend could pull of epic missions, even the seemingly impossible, by developing themselves as individuals while at the same time learning how to work as a team. While “body transformation contests” are really common in the fitness world, as a ninja we aren’t afraid to be counter-intuitive, forge our own path, look deeper, and demand more.  Instead, think of the mastermind as a “lifestyle transformation collaboration”. Ninja Mastermind

I’ll be your guide on this adventure, personally leading you and 11 other ninja initiates.  Together, we’ll explore the Ninja Academy, step-by-step, lesson by lesson.  For 8 weeks, we’ll meet online once a week for a live presentation which will break down all the ninja skills, from the basics of breathing and harmonizing your attitude, to the more advanced skills of mastering your relationship to food, from the little details of what to eat tomorrow morning or when to increase the intensity of your workout, to the big picture stuff of how to merge all your skills, passions, and interests into a unique ninja lifestyle.

That’s how the mastermind works – there will be opportunities to work, play, share, grow, lead, follow, connect, and clarify.  Each online meeting is about 60minutes and consists of a 40minute ninja lesson, and 20minutes of questions and answers.  At the end of each mastermind session, you’ll be given specific ninja missions to execute in the real world.  And the next session, you’ll report and share your successes, frustrations, challenges, and insights.

The focus of the Ninja Mastermind is helping you create your very own ninja super hero, and developing the knowledge base and skill sets to keep developing your super powers.  We do not get fixated on the superficial physical body.

The body is just a natural by-product of the choices you make; we focus on your ability to consistently choose things that support your greatness.  There are things you need to explore, know, do, sacrifice, and be to create a life worth living –  a  life with a new level of health and fitness and the skills it takes to keep creating continuous cycles of self-mastery.


The Ninja Mastermind is for any ninja that wants to accelerate their mastery over body, mind, and life, and isn’t afraid of a little intimacy and hard work. You can be any fitness level, any age, any gender, any religion, any species of ninja.

But you must commit – go big or go home, ain’t no half-steppin. To show your commitment to yourself and the process, there are a few…

Ninja Requirements

  • Ninja Initiation- get weird and post a #NinjaSelfie.
  • Ninja Warrior Vows- every ninja warrior follows the ninja code.
  • Ninja Application- see the form below.
  • Ninja Energy Exchange- in other words, payment required.


  • Ninja Mastermind: Metal Phase – Meets online every Tuesday from Sept. 23rd through Tuesday Nov. 11th .
  • Ninja Academy: 8 Lessons
  • Eight 60min. Semi-Private Coaching Sessions
  • Two 30min 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions
  • Maximum 12 Ninjas
  • See requirements above, and apply below.


NinjApplication - Mastermind Group

Use this form to submit apply for the Ninja Mastermind Group. Your inner super hero awaits you....
  • Don't hold back! The villain's never do.
  • Be specific an reasonable, but don't sell yourself short neither!