Corporate Wellness

Do you lead a progressive company that isn’t afraid to take risks and try something new?

Are you interested in creating a company culture that makes clear communication, wellness, teamwork, and collaboration the norm?

Ready to take advantage of all the proven benefits of creating a wellness program?

[Ninja Smoke Bomb] – “Behold!”

Ninja Presentations-

Look no further.

This ninja master has done it all, from basic one-off presentations and team building workouts, to full scale corporate wellness program that increases health, productivity, and satisfaction in the work place.

Sounds good, right?

  • Step 1: Fill out the form below.
  • Step 2: Ninja Conference Call. Tell me your hopes, dreams, and the needs of your company.
  • Step3: I create a fun, interactive, and engaging Ninja Wellness Form, unique to your company’s expressed needs, which makes gathering more info from your employees and a fun game (and anonymous). [Possible Questions: What is your biggest obstacle to health and fitness?  What one change would make the culture at your company healthier?]
  • Step4: Based off of all this amazing information, I create a introductory ninja experience for your team. Could be a presentation, a ninja workout, or a team building game, depending on your employees’ needs and responses.
  • Step5: I follow up, providing support and assistance if you need help implementing any of the changes and opportunities that arise.

Or perhaps you are looking for an in your face, dynamic, and uniquely powerful talk,  presentation, workshop, or workout for your summit or conference?


Ever wonder what a ninja corporate wellness program would look like?

Prolific Interactive team building workout. Ever wonder what a ninja corporate wellness program would look like?

I highly recommend TrainDeep’s corporate team building presentation and workshop. Fun, educational and energizing for our team. #NinjaSolutions

Devon George ~ CFO ~ Prolific Interactive


 Ninja Conference Opportunities

Ready to host a kick ass presentation? One that actually makes your attendees want to stand up karate chop their chair in half? I’ve got three super ninja experiences for you and your tribe

  • “TrainDeep: How to Create Your Own Super Hero” is a 45-90minutes presentation that will show your audience how  how to create you’re very own super hero.
  • “Can Movement Transform the World?” is a paradigm shifting roller coaster ride through the nature of reality, transformation, and our individual personal responsibility to help save ourselves, and in the process, save western civilization from self-destruction.
  • “Ninja Nourishment: 7 Keys to Mastering Your Relationship to Food” cuts through all of the misinformation, emotional clutter, and complexity of food, and distills food mastery down to seven super practical principles. You audience will learn how to create an empowering and intuitive relationship to food.
  • Mastering Addictions through Movement, Meditation, and Ritual
  • Radically Transforming the Education System through Movement

If you’re interested in hosting a ninja experience at your company or conference, please fill out the form below.

Ninja Presentation or Workshop

For peeps interested in having a ninja talk, presentation, workshop, or team building game at their company or conference...