Well Look at You, Not Following Directions!

That button specifically said “DON’T CLICK”. But you did anyway…

I love it.

Look, one of the big reasons we live in a “civilization” as messed up as ours is because there is a system filled with unrealistic, inhuman, outdated rules, and tons of #HumanRobots blindly following those directions… The matrix, and all of its little human batteries!

HumanRobot - TrainDeep.com

Use the computer, but don’t let the computer use you.

Sometime, its really good to break rules. Even more than just fun. It could save your life.

Not all rules are bad, of course. A lot depends on the situation. Everything is relative.  For instance, a personal computer can be either a tool for liberation or a self-imposed prison, depending on your relationship to it.

So we have to learn to JUDGE (oh, the shame, to actually judge something), and if we assess it as bad, then its our ninja duty to rebel! Not in an angry, reckless way, but in a conscious, humane, and curious way. In other words, to resist in a way that is useful… that is the path of the rebel ninja!

Be Warned, Ninja-In-Training

The Rebel Ninja path is both incredibly powerful and totally dangerous. You’ll have to become deeply sensitive and open, so you know how to assess rules, create rules, and break rules without breaking the spirit of the rules.

To be sensitive and open is to be exposed and vulnerable… but that’s why this is the hero’s path. It take real courage.

And you’ll have to face the darkness within...

Ninja Darkness

But don’t worry, “facing the darkness within” doesn’t require dressing up like a weirdo.

Your Next Ninja Mission (Shortcut Ahead)

Sure, their are many path’s to the mountain top, but a rule breaker like you takes the most direct one, following zig-zagging signs be damned!

So, here’s your short cut.  Apply to our Ninja Fitness Academy (my crazy, fun online coaching program) using the form below, and you’ll be on the top of Mt. Kick Ass in no time.

Need more convincing? How bout this?

  • This is the only coaching program in the universe that’ll teach you how to develop REAL ninja super powers: run faster, jump higher, sneak stealthier, heal yourself and avoid disease, and feel amazingly confident and beautiful in your body.
  • You’ll get in the best shape of your life while having fun and engaging all your senses.
  • And develop a strong, intuitive, and powerful relationship to your body, food, and life.
  • And you’ll become part of a tribe that supports, challenges, and inspires each other.
  • Plus you’ll get individualized guidance from Ninja Master Jonathan to determine, meet, and exceed your specific goals.

But Most Importantly

You’ll be taught a simple and easy to understand principles that will allow you to fall in love with the process of developing yourself physically, mentally, and spiritually.  In other words, you’ll discover, for yourself, how to use exercise as a spiritual empowerment practice that you can take with you anywhere, everywhere, to the border of reality and beyond!

Sounds awesome, right?  Then what are you waiting for, fill out the form below.

NinjApplication - Ninja Fitness Academy

Use this form to submit apply for the Ninja Fitness Academy. Time to get in kick ass shape!
  • Don't hold back! The villain's never do.
  • Be specific here!
  • Be specific and reasonable, but don't sell yourself short neither!
  • It's a complete program, so you will need to workout, journal about your workouts, emotions, sleep, stress level, attend the online coaching sessions, and complete your assigned ninja missions each week.