Claim Your Ninja Super Powers…

By taking you vows.

This is our Ninja Code: ­­who we are, why we’re here, and what we stand for. We’d love you to join our ninja tribe, become a super hero, and save the world…. because the world needs you! But the ninja path is a challenging one to walk, and it’s not for everyone.  Unsure if TrainDeep is for you?  You’re in the right place; read on and decide for yourself.


Ninja Vitamins -

Take your ninja vitamins, not prescription drugs.


We vow to use the force; it’s inside us.

The body-mind is the most technologically advanced system in the universe.  It was forged in the fire of millions of years of research and design – i.e. evolution.  Trillions of cells at our command! The source of all our power lies deep within us; we don’t need exercise machines, a workout DVD, or a special diet to get in shape.

Our ideal body isn’t manufactured in China, Fedex can’t ship it to us, and Amazon doesn’t have it in stock. Everything we need is already inside of us.  If we can master our body-mind, we’ve mastered the most powerful and dynamic thing in the Universe.


We Train to Awaken our Inner Super Hero. 

We are all born with special unique skills, passions, and gifts – which we can shape into real super powers.  Together, we develop all aspects of ourselves.  Health is at the foundation of a sustainable fitness program and continuous cycles of self-improvement.


We embrace our inner child, regardless of age, and celebrate movement.

Humans are designed to learn by playing in nature.  Play and fun are vital aspects of our inner nature. The great outdoors is the original classroom, and provides the most powerful and engaging learning experience.  Our bodies and brains are literally hard-wired for play. The opposite of play is not work, it is depression and anxiety. We allow movement to be fun and immediately rewarding – we don’t get our emotional needs met through suffering (unlike most other workout tribes) – although we are ninjas, so we know how to “kick ass” (metaphorically speaking) when we need to.


We were born for a reason. 

Each of us is born with a special ninja mission that will help save the world (and ourselves). We might not know the reason… yet. But we do know that its inside of us already, and that it takes courage to find it, nurture it, and manifest it for the benefit of  others.   It is our sole responsibility to discover, develop, and share it.  Conscious exercise is the best method for self-exploration,  and allows us to penetrate to our diamond center.


Looking awesome is cool. Feeling awesome is cooler. Being awesome is the coolest.

We come from an unbroken line of ancestors, who exercised to thrive and persevere, not to look good in a bikini. Their survival was totally dependent on intelligent movement and working together.  We claim our inheritance by using exercise to live a meaningful life. The primary goal of exercise is self-mastery; all other goals are secondary.


Serving a tribe we believe in is the greatest honor and deepest satisfaction life has to offer. 

Our ninja tribe supports each other though positive feedback, honesty, collaboration, creativity, and camaraderie.  We are all in it together!  We lead by example. By helping other ninjas in a sincere and constructive way, we help ourselves reach higher and higher levels of ninja mastery.  We choose to surround ourselves with positive people who recognize and support our greatness.



We vow to be peaceful ninja warriors.

We respect all life forms and practice non-violence with ourselves and others. By embodying both peace and power, we can be radically self-reliant and live harmoniously under any circumstance. Power without peace is violence, and peace without power is like a vampire without teeth (or the U.N.)


Our greatest opponents lie deep within ourselves.

They are the lies we’ve been fed, the limitations we’ve accepted, our ignorance, the things we do to self-sabotage and self-deceive.  It is our own self-imposed limitations that prevent us from realizing our potential.  Yes, the system has been set up to make failure convenient, but we always have a choice – and so we rebel, choose greatness, and create our own unique path to a real super hero life worth living.


We don’t worship the “God of Science.”

Science is an incredibly important source of information, yet, by its own definition, it is merely a means of exploration. No idea, thought, concept, fact, or scientific study can replace personal experience and personal accountability. Science is the servant, not the master.

We don’t place our power in any outside authority or external source. We take full responsibility for our actions. We question everything, practice healthy skepticism, and accept that valuable information may be found in the imagination, art, poetry, meditation, and even the mystical and unknown.


We Vow to Develop a masterful relationship to food and media.

We consume that which nourishes us by eating real foods, not artificially processed, edible poisons, like most human robots in the West.  We vow to continually nurture a deep connection with and respect for  our food chain: the land, farmers, and animals that create the web of life. Like food, all media is consumed; we only watch and read material that nourishes us.


We practice radical inclusion, welcoming anyone who is dedicated into our Ninja Tribe. 

It doesn’t matter who you are, where you come from, and what mistakes you’ve made in the past; all that matters is where you are heading and your commitment to get there.  This often requires leaving old relationships, friends, and habits; greatness demands such sacrifices, as a test of our courage and determination.


Membership is a lifetime decision; once a ninja, always a ninja. 

We’ve reached the point of no return and realize that we MUST commit ourselves to becoming free. There is no turning back.


The Moment of Truth

Choose wisely before proceeding. There are no other requirements besides these 12 vows.

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Jedi Ninja Mantra:

May I stand taller,
May I see farther,
May I be clearer,
May I love deeper.
For my benefit,
and the good of all people!