Supreme Adaptation

That’s the primary ninja skill – to spontaneously adapt to any situation or challenge with great skill and grace.  And the most crucial facility for creating the primary skill is awareness, which comes in many forms.

As ninja, we train mind/body/spirit as one, using the 3 core TrainDeep principles and 5 Fitness Elements.  All your sensory perceptions can be honed to a high degree in our ninja workouts. We train super holistically and engage all the senses to develop a high level of internal and external awareness. We play games and train to develop all of our sensory perceptions in a playful, creative, and supportive environment, including;

  • hearing, sight, touch
  • imagination, timing, body control,
  • agility, stealth, flexibility
  • stalking, hiding, running
  • balance, acrobatics, teamwork

Masculine and Feminine

A ninja must embody all things and skillfully integrate opposites to become a master- Yin and Yang.  We train not just to “workout” and “work ourselves up” (Yang – masculine), but also to “work in” and “calm ourselves down” (Yin – Feminine), which is just as important, if not more so in our current militarized workout culture.

5th gear is very fast and sexy, but you’ll burn out if you don’t know how to down shift, and how to refuel, and how to turn your engine off. Living life always in 5th gear is a sure fire way to exhaustion and failure.  And sadly, many people remain in this “chronic fight or flight” mode and never learn how to thrive. Less is more.

Ninja Regeneration

Based on Tai Chi and yogic principles, this class is a gentle movement meditation experience that will boost your immune system, allow your to recover from your workouts faster, and leave you feeling high as a kite.  You’ll learn how use your breath and your skeletal tissue, the most advanced pharmaceutical factory on the planet, to heal yourself. You’ll also improve focus and balance, essential ninja skills. Movement meditations are much more accessible to people with a severe case of “monkey mind”, and a better place to begin your meditation practice rather than seated meditations.

Ninja Playground

No counting reps, no competition, this is a group movement experience based in play, collaboration, and fun with less structure and instruction.  Participants engage in different kinds of fun games that get the heart rate up and engage all the senses.  A great way to awaken your inner child while getting a great workout that is over before you know it. There is less instruction and more room to co-create games or engage in parallel play, which basically means we all practice our ninja skills as individuals while still in the same general area.

Primal Workout

Come experience the great out doors, exploring natural environments using primal movements suck as climbing, jumping, balancing, and running.  Learn all the moves your ancestors used to survive and thrive. Bear crawl, crab walk, monkey gallop, hide and seek, and basic stalking and camouflaging skills are often explored. We will play games that develop and engage you 6 senses, leading to spiritual, mental, and physical self-mastery.

Ninja Yoga

A combination of Qigong, Tantra, & Kundalini yoga, this powerful body-mind-breath practice will leave you feeling amazing, relaxed, and balanced.  Its deeply restorative and healing, using pranayama (yogic breath), mantra (chanting), and Taoist principles, allowing your mind to become more relaxed yet agile, and your body more sensitive yet powerful.

Ninja Warrior Qigong

The ninja archetype represents supreme self-mastery by any and all means: the super hero’s path to awakening. Those who walk the peaceful warrior’s path to enlightenment live by a simple code: First you must know your enemy, but even more importantly – you must know yourself.

Forged in dark mountain caves, where the lineages of Tantra, Shamanism, and Ninja intersect, lies a sparkling jewel; a powerful set of alchemical Qigong exercises that allow you to re-discover and awaken your inner power through movement and breath work  This powerful yet gentle moving meditation, which gave birth to Ninjitsu, will help you discover your inner ninja.

Ninja Initiation and LTC Adventure

13 years of holistic health and wellness distilled into a powerful 6 week program.  LTC stand for “Life Transformation Collaboration”, which is like a “Body Transformation Contest”, only we work together as a team instead of competing, and our focus is on the process of mastering ourselves, our body’s, and our lives through ninja training.

Join 5-8 other initiates, young brave heroes who are courageous enough to give birth to an even more realized version of themselves. No more hiding. Includes an outdoor weekend adventure, 3 group workouts per week, 1 online group coaching session per week, 1 private coaching session, and a special outdoor sweat lodge ceremony to celebrate your re-birth.