Primal Shred is wildly different than any other fat loss program out there. No counting calories. No complicated rules.  No insanely difficult workouts. And most importantly, no self-sabotage.

Primal Shred is about empowering your relationship to food and your body through mindful movement, detoxification, and awareness. It’s radically simple and just as effective.

There are only 4 aspects to the Primal Fat Loss Program.



1. Whole 30 Food Detox

For 30 days, you only eat primal whole foods, no dairy, alcohol, grains, added sugars, or processed foods. This allows your system to detoxify itself, reset, and re-sensitize. At the same time, it makes you aware of the emotional undercurrent to your food cravings. After 30 days, you re-introduce foods one at a time and gradually, to see how your body naturally reacts to them once it is detoxified. The results are both QUICK yet SUSTAINABLE, which is as rare as a Panda Bear Unicorn when it comes to the dieting industry.



2. Custom Food Menu

 Once you know exactly what to eat, you need to know exactly how to get that food as quickly and conveniently as possible. Based off of where you live and work, I create a custom menu for each student. I’ll outline the best restaurants in your neighborhoods for food, lunch, and dinner, and even the best options at each of those restaurants to help you feel satisfied while doing Whole 30.

And yes, it’s all done on Seamless, so it’s super convenient!

3. Primal Energy Movement

This unique set of movement is unlikely anything you’ve done at the gym before. It focuses on rocking, rolling, crawling, and twisting, developmental movements that not only help detoxify your digestive system but also decrease inflammation, release endorphins, and increase your “gut IQ” so you stop craving destructive foods and transcend emotional eating triggers.


Crawling is the ORIGINAL and absolute best core exercise, and will not only make you strong as SHIT but also heal your digestive system.


4. Online Journal

Big brother is watching! Together, we’ll track your food intake and primal movement sessions, as well as providing a place for you to outline goals, reflect, and get specific feedback.  This provides the reassurance and accountability you need to consistently make new choice, learn from your mistakes, and continue to make progress and evolve as you begin to master food. I will also take your measurements and photos to document your journey, and be “watching” every step of the way 🙂


We use an online food journal that is ridiculously easy to use, can be done through your phone, and will give me real time updates of your progress.


Avoid the Most Common Fat Loss Mistakes

  • No hard workouts that punish the body and then lead to over training and over eating.
  • No symptomatic approach to food, this program is both quick and sustainable.
  • No starving yourself only to feel deprived and over eat later.
  • No yoyo-ing weight, or obsessively checking the scale. You only weigh yourself 1x/month.
  • No worries about what to eat and when.
  • No feelings of isolation.

Awesome Foods You Can Eat On The Primal Shred Program

  • Chocolate! Beautiful, delicious, mind blowing chocolate!
  • All the meat, fish, veggies you’d like (ideally high quality, seasonal, organic, and local).
  • And lots more. Pretty much everything that is REAL food, minus dairy, alcohol, and grains.
  • After 30 days, you can eat WHATEVER you want… and the crazy part is that WHAT you want will have changed 🙂

The Benefits of the Primal Shred Program

  • Lose fat quickly AND keep it off.
  • Learn to trust your body and food instincts again.
  • Develop a beast of an immune system.
  • Master food and become free of self-destructive food cravings.
  • Decreased inflammation in your digestive system.
  • Optimize your hormones, clear skin, and increased energy due to decreased physical and emotional stress.
  • Actually enjoy moving your body and eating healthy!

Don’t Take My Word for It

Look at the results my students have had, reshaping their entire relationship to food from the “emotional foundation” up.

David lost 27lbs and 5.5 inches around his waist in 10 weeks on the Primal Shred Program… without doing a single high intensity workout!

“I have had other trainers at LA Fitness, Equinox, and in private studios; Jonathan and the Primal Shred program are radically different on many levels. I feel like I’m in shape for the first time in my life. The kinds of movements we do are totally different than anything else I’ve done before… and some of them are more pleasurable than an awesome massage!

I really enjoy knowing Jonathan personally, he is a friend. But the biggest difference is the results; a major yet sustainable lifestyle change, understanding the process and losing 25 lbs and almost 6 inches around my waist in 10 weeks… without a single high intensity workout! One year later, I’m now down 45lbs and it feels totally sustainable.

“I honestly didn’t think the exercises we were doing would help me lose fat; they were so simple, gentle, and different. But as my core began to thin out, I had no doubt that the exercises were transformative. The biggest surprise about working with Jonathan is how relaxed, accomplished, and lucky I feel after each session. I love that I can do the movement practice at home, and it’s definitely therapeutic; my sleep and digestion have both greatly improved, my skin has cleared up, and I have excellent cycles of energy throughout my day.” David Rosen – Real Estate Entrepreneur

Nancy lost 3.5 inches from her waistline in 20 days!


“The most surprising thing about working with Jonathan is how fundamental the movement is and at the same time — how entirely transformational it is! The Primal Shred program feels so, so great; is so nourishing to the body; and is very different from the standard operating procedures of most typical trainers, which is so refreshing and a big AHA!

I’ve lost 8 pounds and shed 3.5 inches from my midsection in just 20 days and I feel amazing!

If you’ve tried the typical fitness regiments and you want something different that has serious human and health benefits to transform yourself from the inside out AND change the way you think about your body and your relationship with food forever — hire Jonathan. Best decision I’ve ever made. ”

Nancy Sherr~ Career Transformation Guru

Joe lost 20 lbs in under 12 weeks on the Primal Shred program, and has kept the weight off for 18 months and counting.

“Since starting Jonathan’s Primal Shred program, I’ve lost and kept off about 20lbs and recorded personal records at 5 different race distances (5K, 4M, 5M, 10K, and 15K). I run less per week, but run faster, with less pain and more joy.

Beyond the overall health and physical wellness benefits, I’ve seen measurable changes in my moods; they’ve evened out significantly. I also have a better understanding of my body and its relationship to exercise and food. I’m more equipped to deal with the day to day stress of my job”

Joe Salvatore – Professor – New York University

Both David and Joe lost 20lbs in under 3 months AND have kept the weight off ever since. They are the only two people that have done Primal Shred, so the program as a 100% success rate!

If You Can Do These 5 Things for 30 Days, You Can Radically Transform Your Body

Primal Shred program - - jonathan angelilli - holistic weight loss

If you can do these 5 things, you can achieve total victory.

You Are Being Set Up to Fail 🙁

All of western culture has been consuming over processed toxic food for decades, and that inflames your guts, causes all kinds of disease, dysfunction, allergies, and perhaps worst of all, makes you crave the very food that is poisoning you!

One of the biggest mistakes people who want to get lean and lose fat make is compulsively engaging in high intensity workouts. The vast majority of people tend to over eat after these kinds of workouts, especially if they are motivated extrinsically to do them. Food is the most important component of a fat loss program, but the second most important is stress level reduction.

The Primal Energy movements feel amazing and are exceptionally powerful in helping you release stress and tension throughout out ever tissue in the body, from muscle and tendon to even fascia and your organs.

Eating food is, at it’s very foundation, primal and emotional. Why you choose to eat something is as important as what you choose to eat (and how much 0f it you eat). If you don’t address this essential aspect, you will never master food.

By detoxifying your system, learning to enjoy food on a deeper level, and becoming aware of your emotional food drives you will feel better, develop a beast of an immune system, and learn to fall in love with foods that support your greatness!

Rolling twists out your guts, heals them, releases endorphins and feels mildly orgasmic!

Together, We Rise

As you make progress, the Primal Shred program evolves too.

I will create a custom Food Shopping list with great foods from Fresh Direct and Thrive market, for both healthy quick snacks and whole energy bars that are Whole 30 approved, as well as great foods to cook if/when you are ready to start cooking.

And as you get more masterful with food, I’ll provide you with delicious recipes too!

Email me if you have any questions about the program!


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Jonathan Angelilli is a personal trainer and fitness industry expert with over 20 years of experience. Photo: Julietta Cervantes