Because Sometimes, The Most Compassionate Thing You Can Do Is Kick Some Ass

Created by Alexandra Damiani and Jonathan Angelilli, Wise Women Fight Club empowers women to channel their aggression in healthy ways through Kung Fu, kickboxing, and primal movement.

By learning new movement skills, fighting techniques, and by developing both the masculine and feminine energies present within, we cultivate our “wise women warrior” alter ego and become strong for ourselves, families, and community.


wise women fight club,, alexandra damiani and jonathan angelilli


Chelsea, NYC

Space Limited to 6 Student

RSVP Required, All Levels Welcome

$30 for intro class, $40/class after

 Questions? Email me:


Wise Women Warrior Vows

At the start of class each student is invited to envision their “inner wise woman warrior”. Who does she serve? And how? We then create an intention and take our vows.

  • I vow to honor my intention… thus I am honest with myself.
  • I vow to honor my boundaries… thus, I am safe.
  • I vow to challenge myself… thus, I am strengthened and nourished.

Kung Fu

To practice Kung Fu is to “develop great skill through great sacrifice”.  It transforms your body into a weapon and allows one to develop all the senses to a super human level. It is uniquely special art form for learning how to master the yin and yang forces of the body and universe, and developing your full human potential.


Primal Movement

Primal movement unifies the entire body into a singular whole, so all parts work together instead of against each other. Our emphasis in class is on advanced crawling patterns (the original and absolute best core exercise) and fireman drags and carries.




Kickboxing is both a great, whole body work, but it’s also an excellent self-defense system plus fun as hell. We practice shadow boxing, partnered light sparring, heavy back work, and developing complex punch/knee/kick/block combinations using punch mitts, with an emphasis on proper technique and not on going into beast mode.



Wise Women Warrior Closing Ritual

We first calm the body down and gather our life force using Qigong, and then offer our efforts to the benefit of all of being kind!

“Power with precision, and sensitive strength! We are wise women warriors!”

#PowerWithPrecision #SensitiveStrength #RuthlessCompassion

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Photo Credit: Taylor Rosenberger