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​​​​​​​If there’s one rule your body-mind follows, it’s “use it or lose it”. Really, the only choice you face – constantly, and in all facets of life – is growth or decay.

Western culture equates aging with decaying, but it’s pretty clear that we can get better with age. It is a choice, one that we must make over and over again.

To learn, To grow. To be a beginner again. And again. To relentlessly pursue our potential.

Grow or Die

Most of us aren’t so dedicated to growth. The moment we stop using our power, it begins to atrophy. This is true of the brain, the muscles, the bones, the immune system, everything. Use it or lose it.

“It’ – the hundreds of trillions of cells that make up your body-mind – is an incredibly complicated, beautiful, powerful yet sensitive set of systems that yearns to be “used” in many, many ways.

Yes, move your body, use “it” – your muscles, bones, tendons, neurons, blood, etc – but how you use it is very important too. Because if you use “it” in the same way, over and over again, you will break down and create injury and dysfunction. You’re not fully exploring “it”. You’re reducing “it”.

In this way, movement is like a food for your body, and just like how most people don’t eat enough variety of nutrients, most people’s body don’t get a varied diet of “movement nutrition” – it’s all squats, push, pull, twist, maybe a get up if you’re fancy.

But the human body was designed to move an an infinite number of ways. And if you don’t explore your movement potential, you will lose “it” 🙁

The #1 Most Important Movement Skill


So… how’s “it” going? Where are you, in your journey to explore and realize your full potential? I’d love to hear how your progress is going, hit me back.

As always, TrainDeep.



​​​​​​​​​​​​Photo by Todd Marshard


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