Ninja Scavenger Hunt

Ninja Tribe-

It’s time to celebrate! After months of hard work, the sexy ass website that your currently on has officially launched.  And you know how ninjas celebrate, right? We play games and give cool shit away with a ninja photo contest 🙂

Hidden in a secret ninja link, somewhere on this website, is a full body version of the Simpson’s ninja above (with a secret ninja message written on it.)

And after all these years, you didn’t know there’s been a Ninja in every single Simpson’s episode! You just had to be super perceptive to find him.  Don’t feel bad, here’s your chance to finally find him.

How to Win the Ninja Photo Contest

  • Winning is simple, just use your ninja super powers and be the 1st person to find the hidden photo (with the secret message on it).
  • Please note. I am NOT talking about the image above. It’s the same ninja, but you can see the rest of the body and there is a message.
  • Then email the URL (web address) of the image to
  • 1st person to send the correct URL gets 1st place.
  • 2nd person to send the correct URL gets 2nd place.
  • 3rd person to send the correct URL gets 3rd place.
  • 4th person to send the correct URL gets publicly shamed for being a little too late. Just kidding.

Ninja Prizes

Ninja Mastermind -


1st Place – Ninja Mastermind Group – The 1st person to find the hidden image get’s a free spot to our Ninja Mastermind Group. (Normally $1,997) See link for more details.





2nd Place –  $100 Amazon Gift Card –  for the 2nd person to find the image. Ninja need the ease of online shopping too. Sometimes.



Ninja Bandana-

Magic Ninja Bandana with super powers


3rd Place – Magic Ninja Bandana – The 3rd person to find the image gets a magic ninja bandana delivered to your mail box.  ($19 – Shipped via UPS – USA only)






Don’t Worry….

The Magic Ninja Bandana is unisex.

Magic Ninja Bandana -

One size fits all ninjas.

 Happy Hunting!

With this ninja photo contest, time is of the essence – be quick, be aware, and notice all things – and victory will be yours.

Ninja bows deep __/|\__

Jonathan ~ Butterfly Ninja Warrior

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