Hey Ninja-

It’s a long life, and no one can live it for you. That I promise.  I mean, that’s what being an actual #HumanRobot would be like – you just following your programing. No spontaneity, no evolution, no art, a slave to external forces and digital addiction. That’s not even living, is it?

That’s the opposite of being a real ninja –  having the ability to spontaneously adapt with supreme skill. So instead of outsourcing your life to an operating system,  activate the seed of ninja which lies deep inside you – and become a radically self-reliant super hero.

But even super hero’s need a little help sometimes – a family, sidekick, community, or league that supports, affirms, shapes, inspires, empowers, and activates them! That’s why I created this fun ninja quiz, so you can find your ninja tribe and begin to develop your super powers.

Your Long Lost Ninja Tribe

Some people get you. And some people just don’t. And often, you know RIGHT away which its gonna be.

You know you’ve found your tribe when you feel both incredibly powerful and completely humble around a certain group of people.  You feel seen for who you really are, you feel heard, and it feels good. Like coming home.

7 Tribes of Ninja

Click on the photo below and take our “What Kind of Ninja Are You?” quiz. Get re-united with your long lost ninja tribe and discover your ninja super powers.

What Kind of A Ninja Are You? Ninja Quiz - TrainDeep.com

Take the Ninja Quiz and Claim Your Tribe

Go ahead and post your tribe in the comments below. Were you surprised? Or have you know all along? How will you use your super powers? And I wonder… what other kinds of ninja quiz would you like to see created?

As always, TrainDeep.


Jonathan ~ Butterfly Ninja Master

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