Claim Your Inner Ninja

To be a ninja, you’ll have to do what others think is impossible…. automatically, without even thinking. You’ll walk over hot coals, run 100 miles in a day, do yoga in the trees, and make out with a Black Panther… Just to prove how NINJA you really are.

Actually, you don’t have to do any of that.  In fact, please don’t, that would be bad. All you have to do for your ninja initiation is…

Post a #NinjaSelfie in the Comments Below!

Or just take a #NinjaSelfie and send it to with the subject “#NinjaSelfie” and we’ll post it for you.

Or, just use twitter and tag @TrainDeep and #NinjaSelfie and your golden. Your in. You made it.

Get Creative with Your Ninja Initiation

There are all kinds of ninja. (If you’ve take our ninja quiz, you know this already.) Yours can look however you like, with whatever colors, and accessories.

Don’t have a bandana? Use a black sock. Or whatever, you’re a ninja – be resourceful.

#NinjaSelfie - - Ninja Initiation

Let’s get ninja.

#NinjaSelfie - - Ninja Initiation

Lady ninja!

#NinjaSelfie - - Ninja Initiation

Ninja puppy!


#NinjaSelfie - - Ninja Initiation

and the super rare pirate ninja! Hiyaargh!


By the way, these are some of the amazing design ninjas at Copter Labs, who built this sweet arse website from the ground up.

Are You Ninja Enough?

Go ahead, do it.  I dare you. Sure, it might seem silly, but claiming something as part of your identity is an incredibly powerful way to transform yourself. Especially if you do it publicly!

Post a #NinjaSelfie in the comments below, or email it to, or tweet that ish with the tag @TrainDeep. And if you use the hash tag #NinjaSelfie on twitter it will automatically populate on this website in the right side bar!

And welcome to the tribe of ninja.

Ninja bows deep __/|\__

Jonathan ~ Ninja Master


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