Summoning the Dragon Spirit. - Tai Chi in New York City -

Summoning the Dragon Spirit.

Class: Tai Chi & Qigong for Health and Vitality

When: Tuesdays 9am (55 minute class)

Where: Yoga Collective Studio in Chelsea – 135 w. 29th street #603

Fee: $30/class

Beginner Friendly, Payment Required to RSVP*

Pay for the Month —> Tai Chi Class

Or you can purchase a drop in session here.

*24 hour cancellation policy, as class sells out and space is limited.

Tai Chi Class

Join me for a very special Tai Chi class in New York City! I’ve personally used this practice to heal myself from a serious neck injury, and it’s also the reason why I’ve only gotten sick once in the last 15 years. Srsly 🙂

Tai Chi is an ancient wisdom practice and sacred dance that uses mindful movement to heal the human body. Qigong is a form of movement medicine that uses gentle movement, tapping, breath work, and sound to balance out the body’s subtle energy channels.

All disease and dysfunction occur first at a subtle energy level and from there ripple outward to the physical body. By unblocking the energy meridians, we are able to let the “chi” or life force flow throughout the body. Addressing the root cause of our imbalances allows us to heal from the inside out.

These practices are DEEPLY ANTI-INFLAMMATORY, and therefore a powerful tool to prevent and heal most of the chronic diseases inflicting western civilization.

Each student will walk away with a custom Qigong practice they can use daily to awaken their healing potential, plus learn the Classical Wudan Dragon Gate Tai Chi form.

Who is teaching this Tai Chi class in New York City?

Jonathan Angelill is an Exercise Alchemist, Tai Chi teacher whose been studying movement for the last 30 years and just recently kicked major ass on Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior.

He is passionate about the power of movement and play to empower all of humankind. He has a BS in Psychology, eleven fitness certifications, and has been coaching movement for 19 years. He has been featured as fitness and Tai Chi expert on network television (ABC, FOX), is a published author, and has presented his work at a diverse array of places, from guest lecturing at colleges (NYU, Union College) to initiation rituals at Burning Man to leading retreats into the wilderness.

Jonathan is also a Medical Qigong Healer, a 22nd generation lineage holder in the Taoist Dragon Gate School (initiated by Master Sat Hon) and lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. You can read more about his journey here.

Jonathan Angelilli - Tai Chi Class in New York City -

Jonathan practicing Tai Chi to prepare for Season 9 of American Ninja Warrior.

What Do Students Have to Say About the Tai Chi Class?

Tai Chi New York City - Student Feedback -

Tai Chi Class in New York City - Student Feedback -

Tai Chi Class New York City - Jonathan Angelilli -

Tai Chi Class New York City - Jonathan Angelilli -

Our Wudan Dragon Gate Classical Tai Chi Form