Hey Ninjas-

Thought you’d get a kick out of this video. I had so much fun creating it! I’m auditioning for the T.V. show American Ninja Warrior… and had to create a 3-minute audition video to submit with my application.

Telling my story – who I am, how I train, my mission in life – in under 3 minutes was not easy, but I’m really happy with how that video came out.

Trailer for My Audition Video

While creating the audition video, I had a funny idea: why not make a “trailer” for the audition video? You know, have fun, get creative and actually try and begin to tell my story in under 1 minute!

So this is what I created. Yes, I’m making fun of the typical action adventure trailer – it’s a bit of a satire – but I’m totally serious about my mission to build a “Ninja Temple of Empowerment”.

I’ll be writing more about why I’m auditioning and how I’m preparing in my next post, which will also feature the full American Ninja Warrior audition video.

Looking forward to bringing you on this journey with me, let me know your thoughts on the video.

As always, TrainDeep,
Jonathan ~ Ninja Butterfly Warrior

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